Yoga and the path to Well-being


Yoga is a wide and great pathway to Well-being. The path begins physically and mentally then energetically and spiritually. A main focus of yoga practice is breathing; looking at breath awareness, observing and tuning into what's around you physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually, socially and environmentally. Breath is ever-present, abundant and timeless! Breathing is the starting block to living fully and blissfully. Breathing with awareness is my absolute favourite, this in time leads to meditation, quietening and calming of the mind.

Control the breath and you control your mind.

Yoga is a pathway to opening up to flow and finding the style of yoga and the style of teacher that suits you and your lifestyle best, this will help bring you to living fully, rich and present.

Mindfully breathing, thinking, speaking, feeling, hearing positive words and seeing positive is a huge factor in living well; eating organically and with food full of sunshine and walking mindfully with awareness leads to this moment, Now!. This Now is the perfect present!

If we learn to control our thoughts and emotions we can live openly, truthfully and flowing and abundant. Its a simple concept which is hard to live-by in today’s society but is very much possible; we then get to raise our level of calibration moving closer to divine.

Living well means tuning into feeling good in the physical body, feeling fluid in the energetic body, feeling content in the emotional body, feeling clear in the mental body, feeling divine the spiritual body.


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